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You're ready to get started with social media but you have no idea where to start? How will you manage it? What platforms do you start with?

You know it's important because everyone else tells you so and everyone seems to be doing it. How do you get started?

We get you started with a social media itinerary, basic account set-up all and making sure that they are properly linked together. You will be ready to begin posting your content and interacting with your audience in no time. From there we can manage your accounts or simple let you run with it.

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We get you started with your social media campaign with basic setup.

What we’ll do:

  • Social media itinerary
  • Platform account set-up
  • Content development
  • Account management

Did you know that internet users spend more time with social media sites than they do with any other sites?  It’s true.  In fact total time spent on social media has increased by 37 percent.  As a sample: 121 billion minutes were spent on social media sites in July 2012.
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