Our Story

I started my company in 1995 after being employed for 10 years at one of the largest tax firms in the country.  Over those 10 years I observed that the fees continually grew and "one on one" customer service declined.  I appreciate meeting with my clients face-to-face and allowing ample time to service their needs.  I enjoy catching up with what has happened in their lives since the previous year!  I want them to feel special when they come to see us!  Tax time tends to be a stressful time for people & we enjoy sharing our relaxed atmosphere with our clients.


Our Vision

Our vision has always been to provide a family-friendly experience where our clients can receive quality service at a reasonable price.  We don't stop service once the deadline has passed!  We offer year around service with appointment time available after hours if necessary.


Have you every wondered why I use a hot-air balloon logo?  During the summer of 1995 my hubby Walter arranged for us to go on a balloon ride & I have been hooked ever since!  That is evident by the pictures hanging in my office!  We go to festivals whenever we can & my bucket list includes a trip to the grand-daddy of them all in Albuquerque, NM.  We keep saying "maybe next year".

Meet the Team

Sharon Adams

Sharon Adams is the founder of Professional Tax Preparation & Accounting.  A long time ago, one of her longtime clients proposed the question as to why she didn’t “do this” on her own, instead of working for a big corporation.  The rest is history! The business has grown primarily due to word of mouth and referrals.  Sharon’s philosophy on going above & beyond has not wavered.  We value each & every client that walks through the front door.

Susan Pulley


Tax Professional

Susan Pulley is Sharon’s daughter-in-law.  She started helping in the tax office in 2003.  The following years she took some classes & decided to come on board.  She work’s a full time job during the weekdays, but is readily available evenings & weekends.  She is Sharon’s right hand when it comes to IT issues.  If she can’t solve the problem we call in a professional.  She assists Sharon with accounting & payroll when necessary as well.

Chuck Peoples

Tax Professional

Chuck Peoples came on board in 2013.  He & Sharon knew each other professionally from a previous tax office that Chuck had managed.    Chuck is a retired Federal Auditor and brings several years of experience with him.  When the tax office he worked for sold, Chuck began referring clients to Sharon.  Sharon persuaded him to bring his clients with him & join our team.

Susan & Chuck both share Sharon’s vision in providing quality service at a reasonable price.

Next Steps...

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